Parking at Wimbledon Tennis

Wimbledon is one of the most popular sporting events of the summer and car parking at Wimbledon can be a bit of a problem. For that reason it is often advisable to get public transport. However if you need to take the car then you will need to plan in advance where you are going to park at Wimbledon.

Wimbledon Car Park & Ride

Park & Ride facilities for Wimbledon are available at near by Morden Park. This is well signposted. The costs is £12 with a free shuttle bus to The Championships. How do I reserve car parking at Wimbledon? Parking at Wimbledon may be reserved in advance by contacting the Automobile Association by phone on 01256 492110 or by email to

Street Parking at Wimbledon

No car parking is allowed on the public roads in the immediate vicinity of the All England Club. Some on street parking for Wimbledon tennis is available further afield - a 20 minute walk or more. There are car parks at the All England Club off Somerset Road and Church Road. Maps of Wimbledon Tennis Car Parks here. The cost of parking is £16+ and the car parks are often full by mid-morning.

Park at my house Wimbledon

A popular feature for people looking for parking at Wimbledon tennis championships is where people will rent out their driveway for you to park on for the day. Some people rent out their whole house, others just their parking area. Justpark, formerly Park at my House are specialists in this area. Parking at Wimbledon in someone's driveway is not cheap but can be alot more convenient than having to park many miles away form the All England club.

NCP parking Wimbledon

There are curently no NCP car parks in Wimbledon.

Wimbledon Tennis Tickets

Play at Wimbledon usually starts at 1.00pm on Centre and Court One which are both covered. The tennis starts earlier on Wimbledon's outside courts. Play may start later due to rain or may start earlier if there is a backlog of matches that needs to be cleared. Check to stay up to date with the state of play and start times.

Map Wimbledon Parking

Map of Wimbledon Tennis Parking

Park and Ride Wimbledon Tennis - Book here

Make sure that you travel lite when you go to Wimbledon. There are no left luggage facilities inside the grounds so you are best off leaving everything that you can back in the car. Also make sure that you dont try to take anything that is prohibited into the grounds. A full list is available at the official Wimbledon site. If you are given free promotional products outside the grounds while you are waiting in the ticket queue, you should be aware that these will be confiscated by the stewards. Make sure that you take a note of which Wimbledon car park you are in so that you can make a speedy get away at the end of the day. There's nothing worse than traipsing around Wimbledon after a lond day at the tennis trying to find where you parked the car! Many people now find Uber wimbledon taxis an ideal way to avoid Wimbledon parking problems.





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